Trading Monitors

The best way to understand stocks is to take the most useful components of technical and fundamental analysis and combine them. I believe in the 80/20 rule, especially when it comes to analysis. 20 percent of learning analysis gives you 80 percent of the results. So if the thought of analyzing stocks scares you, don’t let it. You don’t need to know everything about a company’s financials or the different chart patterns it creates to be successful in trading stocks. You just need to know the right parts, and that is what Trading Tap is about, teaching you the 20 percent to get 80 percent of the successful results.

How I do this is, I study the key parts of companies fundamentals to decide which stocks are worth trading, then I use technical analysis to choose my entry and exit points in a stock. You don’t need to spend hours studying charts, only 20 percent of what is on a chart is relevant the other 80 percent is noise. I teach you how to tell the difference and quickly spot trends and good entry and exit points, not just to make money trading, but also keeping what you make.

Sometimes just keeping what you make is the hardest part in trading. I learned this the hard way, let me teach you how to avoid those very common and easy mistakes that I fell into. Learning to trade doesn’t have to be complicated if you learn the right parts. I want to teach you the right parts. To where you know in less than five minutes if a stock is worth trading or not. And 5 more minutes to know where and when to jump in on a stock. When those key elements are used together the right way the results can yield exponential results.

You don’t have to day trade or spend hours watching the screen every day, only a few hours a week can greatly change the outlook on your financial future. If you’re ready to learn and get started, sign up below for my free course on how to get started making a side income with the stock market. No getting rich overnighters here just real people doing real trading making real money living a real life. When you’re ready just sign up below.