Apple vs US Controversy

So recently I was reading an article about Apple and how one investor Carl Icahn dumped his stake in the company having something to due with the company’s recent controversy. Which made the Dow Jones Industrial average drop more than it has in months. Keep in mind this isn’t the first time this has happened at least with Apple. If you have been following Apple’s stock you would know that it’s price is just up and down. The reason why? Because what Apple stands for and its branding is basically against the business tycoons that exist out there. They can’t or don’t want to understand Apple they just want to make money off of them.
If Apple would have granted the US government access into their phone or phones how ever you want to look at it. I would have been worried for Apple. When Tim Cook came out and said that the company would not comply with the US demands it didn’t surprise me. Apple is more than just a company that wants to sell hardware and make money. They use their product to convey their brand. Remember the commercial they had in 1984 about 1984 the book (or seemingly referring to it) it wasn’t about computers, it was about going against the grain not being ok being like everyone else. And not letting someone else have control. And that mentality fits right in with what Simon Sinek calls their Why. The decision they made to not give the US the ability to go in and basically be able to peer into every phone out there fits right in with their Why. Even though they knew there was probably another company out that would and could, Apple wasn’t just going to give in.

Now I know Carl Icahn sees that Apple isn’t succeeding with China and predicts that they probably won’t. Which if your looking to expand your company you will need to consider China. But China isn’t ready for Apple yet. They aren’t ready for what the companies brand represents. Think about that commercial they had in 1984. If you were a leader in China would you want a company like Apple to be in your country. Basically just hand them a brand that urges individualism and empowerment? Of course not. China will be ready for Apple when the people of China want to be ready for what the company truly represents and not just fancy phones and computers.

For people who are invested in Apple stock and are thinking about Carl Icahn’s decision just remember Ronald Wayne, sold his 10% stake in the company for $800.
Remember stocks are like revenues they go up and down. Right now they are on the down cycle. No different than any other company. They may not be charging into China with great success but remember they are not going anywhere and time is on their side. When China becomes ready for a brand like Apple you’ll be glad you held your stake in one of the richest companies in the world.