Episode 4: Getting Started

In this episode, I introduce a new co-host. We talk about what it’s like getting started trading and where you should start and more importantly what you should avoid when getting started trading on your own.   Show Notes: TD Ameritrade Robin Hood Scottrade TradeKing Twitter: @tradingtap @jasonherzberger  

Risk Management Made Easy

Risk Management Made Easy

Let’s talk about risk management. I get a lot of questions about my choice regarding risk management. The style of the system I have come up and my numbers, are often criticized, but it’s how I do it and it makes sense to me. But most importantly, my system works for me and plays a massive role in my trading …

Episode 3

Episode 3: Beating Fear

In this episode I cover how to combat fear in trading. At the end of the episode I talk about a brand new resource that I built to help with common issues related to fear. Check it out Calculator Other resources mentioned: Twitter Facebook Group Also joining the free fb group will give you direct access to me with any …

Creating a budget

Creating a budget for trading

Money, money, money. To make it, you need it and it’s usually the biggest problem new traders face–building an account large enough to make trading worth it. Sometimes even trying to build an account with no money. If you’re like me when I started, you’re starting from $0. There are many ways to get money for an account like getting …