These are the resources that I recommend for starting traders to intermediate traders.

Some of the links might be affiliate links but cost you no extra. In some cases, by using links I provide you could up getting a deal that’s exclusive with that link.

However, I only recommend products that I personally use and therefore recommend.


Robin Hood

Now if you are an absolute beginner and you have a smart phone that you love to use, then this is the broker for you. I highly recommend starting with something like Robin Hood. Because there are zero commissions, and when your just starting you don’t want to be making a bad trade and lose commissons on top of the bad trade. But like everything, there is a catch, actually a couple and why I am now moving away from them. They are very limited with research, can only use on your phone, and you can only go long trades you can’t short or trade options. But it’s great if you are just learning about the market, and that’s the core message behind their brand.

Check Out Robin Hood

TD Ameritrade

If you are looking for the max in charting software, look no further than TD Ameritrade’s Thinkorswim platform. I’ve used it in the past, And still use their charts but can’t get over their expensive commissions. But if you don’t mind that and want something that has software that you can specifically download to your PC then I’d say make the leap to these guys. But bear in mind TradeKing has some of the same great features at half the commission price.

Check Out TD Ameritrade